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Counting Rows that hold a Defined Word in a Word Table [Anwsered]

Counting Rows that hold a Defined Word in a Word Table


I am trying to count the Rows of a Word Table.
The table is made you of 2 Columns, others may have extra Columns, but this should not affect the Macro I'm trying to write and asking for help on.

I have created a Dummy Document to create the Marco in before I add it to my Main Document.
Here is the Dummy Data...


* Batteries not included.




10 things I hate about you.




13 Ghosts (The 1st version, 1959, Need a Blue & Red viewer as in 3D).



                      Total VHS’s:  
                     Total DVD’s:  
                     Total BRD’s:  
      Total Videoed to Keep:  

There is only 1 Table in the Word Document, This one is only 2 Columns, others my have more, but that wont have anything to do with this Macro.
What  I wish to do is Count the Rows of the table that has the Word "VHS." in Column 1.
Then Count the Rows that has the Word "DVD.", then "BRD.", then to add these three together, then take that total off the Total number of Rows of the Table.
I then would like to place the answers into the TextFields as shown under the Table above?

The layout of the TextFields may change in time, and maybe even put into the "Footer".

Here is the Macro I've created, but cannot workout why it is not working...
Sub Counting()
'Count Number of Films/Series I Have
        Dim WhichRow As Long
        Dim WhichTable As Long
        Dim VHS As Long
        Dim DVD As Long
        Dim BRD As Long
        Dim V2K As Long
        VHS = 0
        DVD = 0
        BRD = 0
        V2K = 0
        StatusBar = "Please Wait...  Getting Totals..."
    'Collecting Information
    With ActiveDocument.Tables(1)
        For WhichRow = 1 To .Rows.Count
            'Working Out the Total Number of Original Video Tapes
            If .Cell(WhichRow, 1).Range.Text = "VHS." Then
                    VHS = VHS + 1
            End If
            'Working Out the Total Number of Original DVDs
            If .Cell(WhichRow, 1).Range.Text = "DVD." Then
                    DVD = DVD + 1
            End If
            ''Working Out the Total Number of Video Tapes that I have Recorded
            If .Cell(WhichRow, 1).Range.Text = "BRD." Then
                    BRD = BRD + 1
            End If
        Next WhichRow
    End With
    With ActiveDocument
        .Variables("VHS").Value = VHS
        .Variables("DVD").Value = DVD
        .Variables("BRD").Value = BRD
        .Variables("V2K").Value = .Tables(1).Rows.Count - (VHS + DVD + BRD)
    End With
    'Only Needed for Testing...
    Testing = MsgBox("                   Total VHS's: " & VHS & vbLf _
        & "                 Total DVD 's: " & DVD & vbLf _
        & "                  Total BRD 's: " & BRD & vbLf _
        & "===================" & vbLf _
        & "Total Videoed to Keep: " & V2K, vbOKOnly, "Testing...")
    'System Reset
    StatusBar = ""
End Sub

Any help or advice will be a great help.


Anwsers to the Problem Counting Rows that hold a Defined Word in a Word Table

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I didn't really look at your code, but something like this should work:

Sub ScratchMacro()
'A basic Word macro coded by Greg Maxey
Dim lngRows As Long, lngDVD As Long, lngVHS As Long, lngBRD As Long
Dim lngIndex As Long
Dim oTbl As Word.Table
Dim oCell As Word.Cell
Set oTbl = ActiveDocument.Tables(1)
  lngRows = oTbl.Rows.Count
  For lngIndex = 1 To lngRows
    If InStr(oTbl.Cell(lngIndex, 1).Range.Text, "DVD") > 0 Then lngDVD = lngDVD + 1
    If InStr(oTbl.Cell(lngIndex, 1).Range.Text, "VHS") > 0 Then lngVHS = lngVHS + 1
    If InStr(oTbl.Cell(lngIndex, 1).Range.Text, "BRD") > 0 Then lngBRD = lngBRD + 1
  Next lngIndex
  With ActiveDocument
    .Variables("DVD").Value = lngDVD
    .Variables("VHS").Value = lngVHS
    .Variables("BRD").Value = lngBRD
    .Variables("V2K").Value = lngRows - (lngDVD + lngVHS + lngBRD)
  End With
End Sub

I went back and looked at your code.  Your main problem is in lines like this:

If .Cell(WhichRow, 1).Range.Text = "VHS." Then

Cell text includes the end of cell marker which has a length value = 2

So change to:

If Left(.Cell(WhichRow, 1).Range.Text, Len(.Cell(WhichRow, 1).Range.Text) - 2) = "VHS." Then

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