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Tech Support: Computer restarts automatically after some minutes

Computer restarts automatically after some minutes

 My computer was repaired with new Window 7 Ultimate, 32- bit ,after repairing it start normally for some months but now it  again restarts automatically,i had
tried all suggestions posted here but nothing worked.I cleaned up junks by ccleaner every week and  i
also reconnected all the wires and insert ram after cleaning and it
doesn't work also.It doesn't show any error and computer starts only in safe mode.So, pllsss help me!!!!!

Keys to the Problem Computer restarts automatically after some minutes

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Could be heat related - try using a small fan to blow into the air intakes to see if that helps.

Remove ALL power and reseat all cards, memory, and cables (both ends when possible) - actually

remove and replace - do not just snug.
Remove the dust bunnies and clean the vents.
Check that

the fans work (before and after opening the case).
If a laptop about all you can do is reseat the

memory and clean the vents (still can try adding a small fan as a test).

This sounds like hardware so if the above does not help then you probably need the help of a real

computer shop (not leeks and peeks at a Best Buy or other Big Box Stores) or the System Maker's


Use the methods such as SFC, CheckDisk, Driver Updates, and others in the troubleshooter referred
to in this link as they will help solve or at least narrow down the issues.
After those you can post the
information from BlueScreenView and these other utilities so we can offer more specific advice.
course checking with a real computer shop or System Maker's Support would be a good idea however
I would try the possible solutions you can first.


Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7 - has a section for if you can or can't start Windows. 
Check this thread for information using BlueScreenView, MyEventViewer and other methods
to troubleshoot BlueScreens - top 3 replies (+1 other).

We can analyze the minidumps if you make them available from the SkyDrive or other file
sharing sites.
You need to try to solve or reduce the issues - when there are that many

different Bug_Check hardware is usually involved.

Zip or upload the contents of C:\Windows\minidump
Use SkyDrive to upload collected files

Also do this so you can see the likely bluescreens.

Windows Vista automatically restarts if your PC encounters an error that causes it to crash.
(also Windows 7)

Check with these utilities to see if any information can be gathered :

This is an excellent tool for posting Blue Screen Error Information
BlueScreenView - Free - scans all your minidump files created during 'blue screen of death' crashes,
and displays the information about all crashes in one table.


MyEventViewer can be checked at the time of the BlueScreen (BSOD) to within a second or so of the
time of the BSOD to provide more information as to possible cause - see TIP.
MyEventViewer - Free - a simple alternative to the standard event viewer of Windows.
TIP - Options - Advanced Filter allows you to see a time frame instead of the whole file -
set it to a bit before and after the time of the BSOD.

AppCrashView - Free - a small utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that displays the details
of all application crashes occurred in your system.
The crashes information is extracted from the

.wer files created by the Windows Error Reporting (WER) component of the operating system

every time that a crash is occurred.
AppCrashView also allows you to easily save the crashes list

to text/csv/html/xml file.


These methods may help get it out of Safe Mode however they will NOT help
with hardware issues since you can't fix hardware with software.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or
Windows 7

How to Change, Add, or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7

Autoruns - Free - See what programs are configured to startup automatically when your
system boots and you login.
Autoruns also shows you the full list of Registry and file
locations where applications can configure auto-start settings.

If needed use these :

StartUp Repair often works from a Windows 7 Installation Disk or Windows 7 Repair Disk

when it does not from Recovery or a Recovery Disk.
If needed how to make a Windows 7
Repair Disk is below.
A Repair Disk can be made on any computer with a CD burner running

XP, Vista, or Window 7 as it uses no files from the Host computer.

You can try some of these in Safe Mode - repeatedly tap F8 as you boot.
If you do not have a Windows 7 disk you can borrow a friends as they are not copy
Your System maker will also sell the physical DVD cheap since you already
own Windows.
Also you can make a repair disk on another computer.
Try Startup Repair - (If at ANY point you gain some but not full access to Windows come
back and try Startup Repair again.)
How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7

What are the system recovery options in Windows 7?
Try StartUp Repair from Recovery Options or Windows 7 disk.
How to Run a Startup Repair in Windows 7
Also from the COMMAND PROMPT of Recovery Console (if possible) or a Windows 7 disk

Start - type in Search box -  COMMAND   find at top of list -  RIGHT CLICK  -  RUN AS ADMIN

sfc /scannow

How to Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker

Then run checkdisk (chkdsk).

How to Run Disk Check in Windows 7
Retry Startup Repair after Chkdsk.

If needed after those you can try System Restore from Safe Mode or the Recovery or Windows 7

How to Do a System Restore in Windows 7

If you need to make repair disks - these help repair Windows not re-install.
Often a these disks will help when the OEM Recovery Disk does not.

Download Windows 7 System Recovery Discs - now charging $9.75 for the ISO
images to make the disks.
(These can be made on any computer running XP,
Vista, or Window 7 that has a CD/DVD burner.)

How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc - Free (Must be made on a
Windows 7 computer running the same 32 or 64 bit.)
A Installation Disk can also be made to use for Repair.
Of course you would use your own
COA (Product Key).
Windows 7 (English) with Service Pack 1

Windows 7 Home Premium (x86) - X17-58996

Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) - X17-58997

Windows 7 Professional (x86) - X17-59183

Windows 7 Professional (x64) - X17-59186

Windows 7 Ultimate (x86)* - X17-59463

Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)* - X17-59465

See MVP Andre Da Costa's message in this thread.


If needed :
What to do if Windows won't start correctly 

How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7

What are the system recovery options in Windows 7?

A Repair Installation allows you to keep the programs and data though redundant backups
are always a good idea.

How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7

Hope this helps.

Rob Brown -
Microsoft MVP <- profile - Windows Expert - Consumer : Bicycle - Mark Twain said it right.

Cleaning your computer, components, and peripherals help keep everything in good working condition and helps prevent germs from spreading. You can't image how dirty the inside of your computer case can get. All the dust and dirt is going to prevent proper air flow and may even prevent the fan from working.

Another Safe way to Repair the Problem: Computer restarts automatically after some minutes:

How to Fix Computer restarts automatically after some minutes with SmartPCFixer?

1. You can Download SmartPCFixer here. Install it on your system. When you open it, it will perform a scan.

2. After the scan is done, you can see the errors and problems need to be fixed. Click Fix All.

3. When the Fixing part is done, your computer has been speeded up and the errors have been fixed

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